5 Day Commercial

5 Day Commercial

It is not only possible to get your commercial certificate in five days, it is the best way to do it, saving both time and money over the traditional longer term method. Read testimonials from former students. Prior to the program you should complete the following pre-requites

Format & Cost

A typical day will involve a flight of 1.5-2 hours preceeded by ground training.

The cost of the 5 Day Commercial Program is $5,400 not including airplane rental. If additional instruction is needed after the 5th day, instruction is provided at a full day rate of $1,080, half day rate of $540 or $135/hour as appropriate. To guarantee your reservation of airplane and instructional time, 50% of the $4,800 fee is required before the start date, with the balance due on the first day of training. Acceptable forms of payment are credit/debit, check, Venmo or PayPal. Airplane time is paid daily.

Airplanes can be rented from Plus One Flyers at SEE, MYF, RNM, and CRQ. Typical airplane time is 10 hours. Plus One Flyers requires a one-time joining fee of $144 and monthly dues of $37.50. Membership may be terminated at any time with a 30 day notice.

For those pursuing non-accelerated commercial training, instruction is provided at a rate of $960 per day or $480 per half day.

Refund Policy: Refunds will be granted with a minimum 30 days notice given before the start of any training dates scheduled and on a case by case basis when less than 30 days notice is given.