Hour Building/Vacation Flying

Time building and flying vacations in California

Come and find out about the beautiful flying opportunities in San Diego!

- Train with a Master and Gold Seal CFI
- Personalized one-on-one training
- Well maintained airplanes
- Rich and diverse countryside
- Many famous national parks in the vicinity
- Hollywood, Las Vegas and the surf cities are around the corner
- See the Blue Angels flying
- Visit the "Top Gun" Airshow at Miramar
- Go whale watching during sunny winters
- Enjoy more than 320 days of pure sunshine a year
- No bugs, thunderstorms or high humidities
- Historic flying community where people respect and admire pilots!

These are only a few reasons why so many people choose San Diego and why it is a lot more attractive than Florida...

Choice of Airplanes
Through association with the non profit corporation Plus One Flyers, over 70 airplanes are available at rates that are 25% below those of most FBOs or flight schools.

Click here to see an overview of our rental fleet as well as hourly rates (all prices are wet, all inclusive)

Choice of Airports
Instruction is available at three airports in the San Diego area, SEEMYF, andRNM, making it possible to choose an airport that suits the current weather and your preference.

Licence Validation and Familiarization 
If you are an international pilot, we support you in getting your EASA licence validated, get you an appointment with the local FSDO, reserve your requested aircraft, do the required flight review with you and give you a thorough introduction into the local airspace. If you are looking into learning additional skills, we can provide you the ground- and flight training training required to receive a High Performance, Complex or Tailwheel endorsement. Even if you haven't flown in the US before, you will get accustomed to the friendly and professional attitude of fellow pilots and ATC very quickly. Nevertheless we are happy to support you with a safety pilot to keep your workload lower and give you more time to enjoy the beautiful countryside during your flying vacation.

Hour building in California vs. Europe
Compare just the basic cost of flying in Europe to flying in the US and you will quickly understand the benefits and keep in mind: our prices are fix, no matter if you fly 1 or 100 hours. No need to buy block! Here's an example:

  San Diego/USA e.g. Germany/Europe
50 hours Cessna 172 (wet) 50 x 100 Euro 50 x 170 Euro
Landing fees 75 Landings free! 75 x 5.00 Euro
One time fees for club 90 Euro  
Total:  5,090Euro 8,800 Euro

*Prices vary with Dollar/Euro exchange rate

A few words on Plus One:
Plus One Flyers with more than 21,000 fleet hours per year has become one of the largest, most active and safest flying clubs in the United States!

The diverse fleet of over 70 airplanes ranging from a C150 to larger Twin at rates lower than most FBO’s make Plus One Flyers the best choice for those who don’t own their own airplane.

Plus One Flyers, Inc. was founded by pilots and airplane owners who loved to fly and wanted a reliable fleet of airplanes at reasonable prices. The club is organized as a member-oriented, non-profit California corporation. Since its inception in 1985 at Montgomery Field in San Diego, Plus One Flyers has expanded to offer airplanes based at Gillespie Field in East County, Ramona Field in Ramona and recently expanded to Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, north of San Diego..

Whether you have just decided to learn how to fly or you are a seasoned pilot with thousands of flight hours, Plus One Flyers is the right flying club for you. As a member you can enjoy flying or learning to fly a variety of well-equipped, clean airplanes including trainer, cross-country, twin, aerobatic airplanes to fit your needs from student through professional pilot.